About Us

High quality contract furniture suppliers in a wide range of styles and designs

We are specialists in furniture procurement and whether we are dealing with a big or a small company we can influence contractual arrangements through our substantial buying capacity. We work with our suppliers to provide the service and furniture which you need.

Furniture Realm Offices

Furniture Realm can resource a special design, use specific fabrics, obtain bespoke sizes and match a chair or table. At the very least we will be able to tell you what is possible, what would be advantageous, what would be a disadvantage and perhaps suggest an alternative. We love a challenge!

We listen to the instructions you give us relating to fabric, style, and the construction preferences which you have expressed. This is what 'procurement' means to us - a bespoke furniture service that fills a need and not just a service that uses up stock!

Design and manufacturing is based on the customer's instructions and we aim to provide the furniture the customer needs, rather than something we have in our catalogue alone if that is not really what is required. Accordingly we prefer to work from the customer's brief and then come forward with a number of suggestions.


We work in close partnership with all our Customers to provide purchasing solutions through a constructive approach to practical and cost effective service delivery. This enables our Customers to focus on their core business activities whilst we provide a seamless backup to their corporate objectives.

With our ultimate focus on results we will be consistent in our appraisal of the service we deliver, using analytical and innovated management skills to finesse our Customers’ needs.


Whatever the price, ‘quality’ is a clearly understood commitment to our Customers. Before we place an order we will have visited the manufacturer to witness the build of all the furniture we purchase.

We will be diligent in ensuring that every product we buy on behalf of our customers meets the highest standards of service and integrity. Customer satisfaction and UK industry accreditation will reinforce our goals to continually support, develop, and challenge ‘best practice’ solutions for every project.


At the commencement of our discussions we will aim to have a clear picture of our customers’ requirements, and in turn we will advise the Customer of what is possible and practical. Our dedicated staff will constantly monitor the progress of each order and will have conferred with the Customers’ site management, before delivery takes place.

In this way we plan to be ‘part of the team’ at those crucial times when help is most needed.

+ Value For Money

We have established strategic working partnerships with number of European and Asian manufactures and have resourced furniture produced in a variety of styles. Our experienced design team has commissioned unique design concepts with a happy blend of traditional styles and modern manufacturing technology, which we are confident, will give complete satisfaction and lasting pleasure.

A big influence in these factors will always be economies of scale. Buy in larger quantities and some problems are more easily resolved. This where we can have a significant influence as a major buyer in the market, and in partnership with our Customers gain competitive pricing and service.