FF&E - Our biggest challenge

After operating in the industry for well over a decade Furniture Realm has become to be known as FF&E specialists. We are lucky enough to have a number of clients that enjoy to challenge us with their projects, whether that be related to the furniture selected, bespoke design, budget or timescales of the intended project.

Over 100 bespoke items in 4 weeks

Furniture Realm thrive under pressure, and thoroughly appreciate our clients that come forward with a perverse project, albeit this is certainly not the norm. It is no light task to define a client’s business with the application of furniture, but it is our passion, and we relish every opportunity. 

Looking back to 2015 we recall the project of all projects, Kidzania London, by far the most challenging project we have completed to date. Though in large, Kidzania was the ideal client, one with a concept and vision, of which we were required to make a reality. Supplying a mixture of conventional loose furniture and bespoke items crafted in house by Furniture Realm. The challenge was design, manufacturing and complete installation, all within a 4 week window!

Kidzania, London

Kidzania had a very unique concept, a 75,000 sq.ft. child-size City where kids are in charge. Designed with the view to empower children. Kidzania is a real life role play experience for 4-14 year olds, combining both reality and education in a fun manner. With a total of 60 individual areas, each role-play experience is crafted to teach kids essential life skills including financial literacy, team work and independence.


Furniture Realm supplied near 500 items of furniture to Kidzania with over 100 of them bespoke items manufactured in our workshop in Somerset, all in children sizes. The end result is fantastic, and I welcome you to look over the images. 

This was a major project with a tight deadline, but as always Furniture Realm were triumphant with a very happy client. Another successful installation all completed on time.


Check out Kidzania, and tell us about your project!