Repeat Business

All businesses find themselves heavily relying on repeat business, it is much easier and cost effective to sell to someone who has already purchased from you before. I’ll let you in on a secret, that is why we partner with Architects, Interior Designers, Shop Fitters and larger organisations, more so than with an independent establishments.


Furniture Realm are the preferred manufacturer and supplier for the furniture to be supplied into the SUPERBOWL UK outlets.With 6 sites across the UK they are an ideal client for us ensuring that all important repeat business. 

Each SUPERBOWL site has multiple services they provide with a heavy concentration on the younger clientele. This means that all the furniture supplied was manufactured to be incredibly robust given the high traffic environment it is set.

Bespoke items by Furniture Realm

The relationship with SUPERBOWL UK started with one site which was in desperate need of modernisation. Utilising our in house design team, SUPERBOWL UK were delighted with the furniture that was produced for them a major effort went into the space planning for this project, and the design being “on-brand” ensured the all important return trade. Assured of budget availability Furniture Realm will be doing all sites, we have already successfully completed a second site since our first installation. Fitted seating such as installed in SUPERBOWL UK is most certainly an efficient method of installing durable furniture that can be adapted to reflect that clients brand.