Architects & Designers

Furniture Realm work closely with a large range of architects & designers

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  • Bespoke & Off The Shelf Furniture
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We understand that a great deal of thought and planning will have gone into the development of the various aspects of the project design. The furniture, which we can provide, serves as an embellishment to the overall design concepts that have gone before, in the planning stage, and will be a significant element in contributing to the overall site’s appeal.

Our catalogue offers a comprehensive choice of furniture selections and a sound basis for choosing the best options open to your Company on current and future projects.

We can also make furniture to order – ‘bespoke’, ‘unique’, ‘funky’ whatever appeals to you. This furniture is made to our Customer specifications in our own factory.

Our computer-based ‘design and build’ service is an effective way of investigating elements of space and a sense of scale which allows our Customers to investigate life-like imaging of three-dimensional floor plans with realistic presentation of the placement of the furniture. Through this facility it is easy to put in place different items of the furniture to be used in the project and decide on the various configuration of the site’s potential.