From first quote to final delivery, and even beyond that, you can be sure we’ll be there to support you.

Our responsibilities don’t end when our projects do. It’s this ongoing commitment to quality that wins us customers and keeps them coming back year after year.

We understand that a furniture project is a big investment, so we’ll be with you the whole way. But don’t take our word for it; review our services, then get in touch to find out for yourself.

How we work

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The beauty of Reupholstery is that you get to keep your existing and beloved furniture.

Why start all over again? All your furniture needs is a bit of TLC from one of Furniture Realm Upholsterers. We have been in the business of furniture for 14 years and in these years we have learnt a bit. We understand that your business needs to be profitable and your looking at every chance to save a bit of money. By Re-upholstering your existing furniture you can keep the same quality, but update it with a lick of paint and new upholstery for the faction of the cost.

Reupholstery put simply is the process of removing the old fabric from your existing furniture and replacing it with a new foam and fabric of your choice. However, simple isn’t a word you would use to describe the skill and art form that is Reupholstery.

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• Show off all the original features of your furniture.  

• You’ll get to help the environment by keeping your furniture out of a landfill.

Service key points:

  • Modern Upholstery Techniques - Using modern techniques, we will make sure your upholstery is remade to last.
  • Furniture Holiday - We will pick your furniture up and take it away for a freshen up. This can include Re-spraying worn wooden frames and Revitalising aged fabric.
  • Cost Effective - Instead of buying brand new furniture and paying a premium price, Reupholster your existing furniture for a fraction of the price.

Discover what your furniture will look like.

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Consultancy & Design

We love working alongside our clients to turn their dreams into realities.

No matter how detailed we make our website and our catalogues, there's simply no way we can show everything we offer. That's why we recommend getting started with a free no-obligation site survey during which we can discuss your requirements, show you samples, and take initial measurements for any bespoke items needed. 

We will talk you through product specifications, quality, aesthetics and features – everything that contributes to a successful project. We know from experience which styles work together, and we’ll help you get the best possible value for money.

Following this, we can make use of specialist software to produce detailed layouts of your draft designs, making it easy to identify potential issues. We can even produce accurate plans, mood boards and 3D models so you can visualise possible results before committing to any work.

Our expert team has overseen countless projects over many years, achieving some amazing things through creative planning and custom builds, so you can be sure we'll steer you in the right direction.

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For a nominal fee we can create an exclusive Design, that is tailored to your specification. Included in this service: 

• Room planning & Space Management 

• Survey of the Space 

• 3D Rendering

Service key points:

  • Project Support - We can help with any and all aspects of your project from start to finish.
  • Creative Advice - Our experience, expertise and passion make us ideal creative advisers.
  • Bespoke Products - If we can't find the product for you, we'll build it ourselves.

Discover just how good your project can be.

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Financial Guidance

We can find the best way to make your resources work for you.

Whether the economy is soaring or slumping, it’s imperative that you make your budget work for you. No matter what resources are at your disposal, we can help you make the absolute most of them to cover your dream project through our diverse range of lending options.

Through lending, your payments are 100% tax allowable, making it the most tax-efficient method of financing your project. It is also the only way a project can be fully offset against taxable profit.

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What’s more, payments are fixed for the duration of the loan period, allowing you to budget accurately, efficiently, and with complete certainty. Spreading the cost over 3-5 years allows you get started on the perfect solution immediately, without being restricted by your current budget.

Lending even means you preserve your existing bank credit lines without compromising future working capital. Don’t wait longer than you need to. Invest in your future today, and start reaping the rewards.

Service key points:

  • Lending - Make the most of your budget with a payment schedule that works for you.
  • Borrowing Power - Avoid a big hit and stabilise your finances by evening out the expense.
  • Ease Cash Flow - Give yourself some breathing room when you need it the most.

Let us help you make the most of your budget.

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Delivery & Installation

Our in-house delivery team has over 30 years of combined experience.

Efficient, hard-working and always polite, our delivery staff are fully CSCS accredited. For smaller orders, we offer a 24 or 48 hour pallet delivery service, and for large projects we offer a tailgate delivery service or a full delivery and installation option. Most straightforward medium size projects are best suited to our tailgate delivery.

For a tailgate delivery, we will supply a single vehicle and driver. Our driver will assist in unloading the vehicle, but it will ultimately be your responsibility to transport the furniture into your premises and carry out any necessary assembly.

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For large projects or projects involving fixed items, we recommend our full delivery and installation service. We deliver and unload the furniture, carry it into the premises, unpack it, and assemble all items. We then position them per your instructions, before removing and disposing of all packaging in an ethical and proper manner.

Through our own fleet of vehicles, we carry our deliveries all across the UK, so we have you covered no matter your location. From the smallest project to the largest, you can count on Furniture Realm.

Service key points:

  • Scheduling That Suits You - We're very flexible and happy to work around your commitments.
  • Efficient Turnaround - The business world moves quickly, and so do we.
  • Full Installation Option - If you want, we'll handle the entire installation for you.

Learn more about our delivery options.

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Our support doesn’t end when the project is finished.

Investing in a furniture installation is a big, long-term commitment, and you need a supplier that won’t drop you once the contract is done. It’s important to us that our products stand the test of time and justify your faith in us over years to come, which is why our team will always be here to answer your questions and offer advice.

Every piece of furniture we sell meets UK contract standards for fire retardancy and durability (BS 5852, BS 4875, BS 7945) and comes with a 12-month structural warranty. If any structural defects arise within 12 months, we’ll repair or replace the faulty items.

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It is often most cost-effective to simply replace dated or worn items of furniture, but our in-house team of carpenters and upholsterers are available to carry out repairs should you desire them. The size of the job will determine whether we work on site or remove the furniture, and we can supply temporary furniture to cover any removed items.

We are fully covered under product insurance, so you needn't worry unduly in the highly-unlikely event that a customer sustains an injury as a result of one of our products. We also offer extended warranties for 3 or 5 years, helping you protect your investment.

Service key points:

  • Continued Support - You can trust us to have your back even after your project has concluded.
  • Repair Team - There's no need to deal with a third party - we handle repairs personally.
  • Range of Cover - We'll find the product protection policy that suits your particular needs.

Find out more about our comprehensive aftercare.

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